ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certificate


VED WELLNESS is conceptualized keeping in mind how VED (Knowledge) of ancient times can be translated into products that can thereby bring WELLNESS to society.

VED WELLNESS is a Manufacturer, Trader, and Exporter of Ayurveda,   which is the fastest-growing segment in alternative medicine, progressing to be recognized as part of CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine) and time is not far that in near future it will become one of the mainstreams Medicine.

VED WELLNESS envision to be a small contributor to these changing trends and we feel the best and the easiest way of doing so is to provide PCD in Ayurvedic Medicines, PCD in Herbal Products, and also PCD in Cosmetology products. We have a wide range and multiple pipeline products that can cater to the varied needs of PCD Distributors in Ayurvedic products from all across the country.

VED WELLNESS has stakes in Manufacturing units located in Barwala, Panchkula (Haryana), and Ambala (Haryana) whereby we can cater to small and large batches. We can get approvals in short time if the combination is not already approved at our end. We can help companies looking for Contract manufacturing in Ayurvedic products.

VED WELLNESS is committed to QUALITY, SERVICE & TAT (turn around time)

Core Values


We use quality herbs and in the right quantity, so as to deliver therapeutic results to the users. The result of the product s directly proportionate to the quality and quantity of herbs and extracts used.


Foundation of any successful business is Transparency and this is what we are known for. You can expect us to be honest and at times straight forward and this confidence comes with our belief that our relations with our customers should be honest in all aspects.


We at Vedwellness are committed to the quality of our products, thereby ensuring complete reliability on our products, Doctors all across are prescribing our brands with full confidence.


We consider our distributors and marketing companies as our business partners and would like to work in tandem with them. We believe that Way to Wellness is with Ved Wellness.

Why Us

As per our understanding selection criteria for any Company, Product or Service is based on following:

  1. Quality
  2. Competitive pricing.
  3. World class packaging.
  4. Range of products.
  5. Customer centric approach.
  6. Ease of doing business.
  7. Transparency in business dealing.
  8. Long term association.
  9. Mutual Trust.
  10. Trouble shooting.

We at VEDWELLNESS assure one and all that we will not disappoint you in any of these above factors.


To develop, maintain and sustain long term client base sharing similar core values based on mutual trust and respect.


To be frontrunner in top Ayurvedic companies in Domestic and International market, creating impact in lives of millions so as to have all around WELLNESS in the society.