1Noni JuiceAyurvedic Noni Juice for building immunity and as an anti ageing500ML260/-
2Giloy Papita Tulsi JuiceAyurvedic Papita Giloy Tulsi Juice works as blood Purifier, and as a good anti Pyretic improves Platelets500ML250/-
3Neem Karela Jammun JuiceAyurvedic Neem Karela Jammun Juice for Maintaining Health, Immunity and Digestion also Helpful in treating acne and wound500ML250/-
4Triphala RasAyurvedic Triphala Swaras for Treating Cough, Eye Problems, Intestinal Difficulties and for Anemia500ML185/-
5Amala JuiceAyurvedic Amala Juice, good for Liver, skin, Hair and Constipation500ML165/-
6Aloe Vera JuiceAyurvedic Aloe vera Juice, Useful for Digestion and Constipation also builds Immunity500ML260/-
7Spirulina CapAyurvedic Single Herb Spirulina Cap, useful in protecting the liver and increase mental activity30 Capsules210/-
8Moringa CapAyurvedic Single Herb Moringa Caps, useful as an antioxidant, fights inflammation and is a rich source of calcium30 Capsules250/-
9Ashwagandha CapAyurvedic Single Herb Ashwagandha Cap that helps increase Stamina, Improves Nervous System and helps in Insomnia30 Capsules220/-
10Shilajit CapsulesAyurvedic Single Herb Shilajit Capsules for Vigor and Vitality.30 Capsules240/-
11Aloevera CapsulesAyurvedic Single Herbs Aloe Vera capsules for digestion, detoxification, weight loss, and improved immunity.30 Capsules240/-
12Amala CapsulesAyurvedic Single Herb Amala Capsules for maintaining Health and Vitality, Increase eyesight and reduce hair loss30 Capsules190/-
13Neem CapsulesAyurvedic Single Herb Neem Capsules for benefits in Wound Healing, acne, healthy Digestion and Immunity30 Capsules175/-
14Giloy CapsAyurvedic Single Herb Giloy Caps for Fever Flu and as a blood purifier30 Capsules190/-
15Arjuna CapsAyurvedic Single Herb Arjuna Caps30 Capsules220/-
16Noni CapsAyurvedic Single Herb Noni Cap30 Capsules250/-
17Pilsure SyrupAyurvedic Piles Solution200 ML150/-
18Livhancer PlusAyurvedic Liver Formula with added benefits of enzyme200 ML155/-
19Kuffnil SFAyurvedic Cough Formula specially crafted for Diabetic patients100 ML90/-
20Madhukum PowderAyurvedic Diabetic Care Powder100 GM175/-
21VedVital- Gold MaltAyurvedic Malt that helps in boosting Immunity, General weakness, Nutritional deficiency and Loss of Appetite400GM375/-
22Triphala PowderTriphala Powder is helpful in Alleviate Inflammation, Controls Diabetes, Promote weight loss, reduce Cholesterol and stress100GM105/-
23Thyrokum CapThyroid Control, Supports in T3 &T4 production, Boosts Energy level, maintains Mood swings and Weight30 Capsules290/-
24Trutrim CapsulesTrutrim is weight Reduction and Figure Maintaining Capsules30 Capsules275/-
25Cardum Forte CapsulesCardum Forte a Heart Care Formula. That makes Heart Strong.30 Capsules270/-
26VedMaster 5G capsulesAyurvedic Remedy for 5 in 1 remedy for Digestion, Alkalizer, Laxative, Antacid and Liver Tonic preferable known as 5G syrup.30 Capsules270/-
27Ved Vital capsulesDaily Heath Supplement with the Power of Ayurvedic Herbs30 Capsules250/-
28Colicum SyrupColicum Syrup is an Proprietary Medicine for lowering of Cholesterol hence is effective adjunct treatment for Cardiac patients200ML165/-
29Asthakum-SF syurpAsthakum -SF is a solution for Allergic Brochities or Asthma100 ML110/-
30Femcharge SyrupAyurvedic Remedy for Leucorrhoea, white discharge and Pain while passing Urine200 ML145/-
31HerbinerveNerve Stimulator that improves the functioning of Brain and strengthen the nerves30 Capsules290/-
32QutipaceAyurvedic Proprietary Medicine Useful in the Treatment of Acne, itching, Fungal Infection and Psoriasis30 Capsules210/-
33Urikum CapsulesFor the Management of Increase level of Uric acid and its related problems like Gout. Urikum is an ideal solution30 Capsules250/-
34Ved Master 5G SyrupAyurvedic Remedy for 5 Problems Digestive enzyme, liver care, alkalizer, laxative and antacid, 5 in 1 formula225ML185/-
35Herbinerve SyrupImproves nervous systems immunity booster helpful in neurological disorders200 ML170/-
36Vibtone SyrupA unique Family Health Tonic that works wonders from Pediatrics to Geriatrics. Great Formula for Sound Body200 ML150/-
37Irowing SyrupGeneral debility tonic for old age, chronic fatigue syndrome & best for loss of blood diseases. Best for acute iron& calcium deficiency best for body & brain weakness.200 ML125/-
38HajmaFit SyrupA one of Its kind Tasty Digestive Syrup that effectively controls Gas, Kabz and Amalpitta, Quick results Loved by Elderly to young ones. For more details login www.vedwellness.com200 ML150/-
39Achkum SyrupAchkum Syrup is used for the Management of Uric Acid, Joint Pain, Low Back Pain & Arthritis.200 ML140/-
40Triphla JuiceTriphala Juice Improves Digestion, Detoxifies blood, Lowers Inflammation, Remedy for anemia500 ML175
41Papita Giloy TulsiSuger free Papita Giloy Tulsi Juice From Ved wellness is useful in Fever and Flu, Builds Immunity, Improves Platelet counts.500 ML250
42Neem Karela JammunSugar-free Neem karela Jamun Juice is useful in Diabetes and Diabetes-related problems, Useful in Skin disorders, improves digestion, and good for eyes.500 ML250
43Amla JuiceUseful in overall wellbeing of Skin Hair and Eyes, Builds Immunity, Controls Diabetes500 ML150
44Aloe vera JuiceUseful in Digestion and Purifies Blood, Fights Oxidative stress, Improves organs and bone health500 ML250
45Pletomore TabletsPromotes Nutrients Absorption, Increases Blood Platelets, Helps Immune System10X10 Alu- Alu270
46Vedforce OilUseful in sexual performance, erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation.30 ML195
47Achkum Pain OilUseful in joint & muscular pain sciatica, nerve pain, back pain.60 ML120
48Hajma FitIt prevents from the following: Gas Kabz, Amalpitta.75 GM95
49ConstawellConstipation powder in acute & chronic constipation. On taking the dose of Constawell powder at bedtime, motion comes easily in the morning.100 GM120
50Storun30 Caps180
51PilsureBest Remedy for internal & external hemorrhoids (Piles). Improves blood circulation reduces haemorrhoidal congestion.30 Caps280
52Neem CapsulePotent Antibacterial, Controls Diabetes, Increases Blood Circulation, Helps in cases of Calculi, Checks Skin disorders30 Caps175
53Livhancer CapsuleInfective Hepatitis, Jaundice, Anorexia, Flatulence, Constipation, Enlarged & Sluggish Liver.30 Caps150
54Immunity Booster CapsulesImmunity booster that is 100% natural.30 Caps290
55Giloy CapsulesUseful in Chronic fever, Improves Digestion, Useful in Eye problems, Used in Diabetic and Respiratory disorder.30 Caps190
56FemchargeBest Remedy for Irregular menses, backache, body ache and giddiness, leucorrhoea, amenorrhea & dysmenorrhea, inflammation, pelvic & general disability.30 Caps220
57Ashwagandha CapsulesImproves Eye Sight, Stops Hair turning grey, Improves Body strength, Useful in Gout30 Caps220
58Amla CapsuleStrengthens Digestion, Improves Immunity, Effective in Constipation and Diabetic Patients, Used in Stomach related Problems, Improves overall body fighting capabilities.30 Caps190
59AchkumUseful in inflammation Degenerative forms for Rheumatism, Sprains, Strains, Acute Gout, Arthritis Acute Musculoskeletal disorders.30 Caps250
60ZestzymeBest remedy for Gastric & Stomach Problems.200 ml120
61VedpureBest Remedy for Blood Purifier, Acne, Boils, Pimples & Skin Allergies.200 ml120
62VedcidBest Remedy for Gastric & Stomach Problems.200 ml130.00
63Storun SyrupUseful in Dysuria, Burning Micturation, Non-Specife, UTIs, Crystalluria.200 ml140.00
64RecraveBest Remedy for loss of appetite, Underweight, Healthy Digestion & Stomach Problems.200 ml140.00
65Pletomore SyrupDengue, Malaria, Common fever, Viral & Chronic fever.200 ml150.00
66Livhancer-DSUseful in inflammation Degenerative forms for Rheumatism, Sprains, Strains, Acute Gout, Arthritis Acute Musculoskeletal disorders.200 ml140.00
67Livhancer PlusInfective Hepatitis, Jaundice, Anorexia, Flatulence, Constipation, Enlarged, Suliggish, Liver & Stomach all problems.200 ml150.00
68FemtrionBest Remedy for leucorrhoea, Backache, Pelvic Panin, General Debility & Functional Uterine Bleeding.200 ml120.00
69BranicsBest Remedy for Boosting memory, strengthen Nervous System.200 ml140.00
70VedforceUseful in sexual performance, erectile dysfunction premature ejaculation.200 ml525.00
71MadhukamReduce oxidative stress, balance, blood sugar level., decrease insulin resistance & general weakness.200 ml180.00
72LivhancerInfective Hepatitis, Jaundice, Anorexia, Flatulence, Constipation, Enlarged & Sluggish Liver.200 ml120.00
73Panchrit Tulsi DropsAnti Bacterial, Anti Microbial, Anti-Septic, Anti Oxidant, Anti Biotic, Anti cough, cold & Fever. Best water purifier.30 ml195.00
74RocbonA unique formulation that provides complete cartilage & bone health. Rich Source of natural calcium which creates healthy bone status. It is used for joint lubrication & regeneration of cartilage.30 Caps275.00
75KuffnilBest Remedy for cough, cold & infections of the respiratory tract.200 ml75.00