VedVital- Gold Malt

MRP: ₹375/-

Ayurvedic Malt that helps in boosting Immunity, General weakness, Nutritional deficiency and Loss of Appetite
CATEGORY: Ayurvedic Malts

Discover the rejuvenating power of VedVital Gold Malt, an Ayurvedic marvel meticulously formulated to boost immunity, alleviate general weakness, address nutritional deficiencies, and restore appetite. This golden elixir seamlessly blends traditional herbs with modern wellness needs, providing a natural and effective solution for holistic well-being. Elevate your daily routine with VedVital Gold Malt and embark on a journey to vitality and nourishment.


  • Shatavari = 1000mg
  • Shilajit = 750mg
  • Soyabean = 1000mg
  • Vidarikand = 900mg
  • Safed musli = 500mg
  • Ashwagandha = 900mg
  • Amla = 1000mg
  • Sounth = 500mg
  • Mulethi = 1000mg
  • Shank pushpi = 500mg
  • Arjun Chaal = 400mg
  • phool Gulab = 500mg
  • Gokhru = 500mg
  • Elachi = 550mg
  • Base liquid glucose q.s.
  • malt Ext. q.s.