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Best Remedy for cough, cold & infections of the respiratory tract.
CATEGORY: Ayurvedic Syrups

Kuffnil, your ultimate remedy for cough, cold, and infections of the respiratory tract. Meticulously formulated to provide effective and gentle relief, Kuffnil stands as the go-to solution for individuals seeking comfort amidst respiratory challenges. This powerful formula combines traditional wisdom with modern science, offering a harmonious blend of ingredients known for their respiratory benefits. Whether you’re battling a persistent cough or navigating the discomfort of a cold, Kuffnil is your trusted ally in promoting respiratory well-being. Embrace the comforting efficacy of Kuffnil and experience the freedom to breathe easy, making it the optimal choice for a life unrestricted by respiratory concerns.


  • Adhatoda Vasica (Bansa) = 200mg.
  • Ephedra Geraduana (Somlata) = 100 mg.
  • Cordia Dichotoma(Lassoria) = 75 mg.
  • Menthol (Sat Pidina) = 100 mg.
  • Piper Longum (Pippali) = 100 mg.
  • Solanum Surattense (Kantkari) = 100mg.
  • Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi) = 50 mg.
  • Glycyrrhyza Glabra (Muleathi) = 50 mg.
  • Zingiber Officinate (Saunth) = 100 mg.
  • Viola odorate (Banfsha) = 50 mg.
  • Onosma Bracteatum (Gazban) = 20 mg.
  • Piper Nigrum (Kali mirch) = 10 mg.
  • Honey (Sudh Madhu) = 250 mg.,
  • Sugar q.s.


Adults: 10 ml. twice a day with warm water in a day or as directed by the physician.