Shilajit Capsules

MRP: ₹240/-

Ayurvedic Single Herb Shilajit Capsules for Vigor and Vitality.
CATEGORY: Ayurvedic Single Herbs

Shilajit, known as the “destroyer of weakness” in Ayurveda, takes centre stage in these capsules to provide comprehensive support for your vitality. Experience a natural boost in energy levels, stamina, and endurance as Shilajit Capsules become an integral part of your daily routine. Say goodbye to fatigue and embrace a renewed sense of vigor that radiates through your entire being.

Our Shilajit Capsules are a convenient and effective way to incorporate this Ayurvedic gem into your lifestyle. As a single-herb supplement, they offer a pure and concentrated form of Shilajit, ensuring that you receive the full spectrum of its revitalizing benefits.


  • Shilajit 500 MG