Colicum Syrup

MRP: ₹165/-

Colicum Syrup is an Proprietary Medicine for lowering of Cholesterol hence is effective adjunct treatment for Cardiac patients
CATEGORY: Ayurvedic Syrups

Introducing Colicum Syrup, a specialized Proprietary Medicine designed to play a pivotal role in the adjunct treatment of cardiac patients by effectively lowering cholesterol levels. This meticulously crafted syrup offers a targeted solution for individuals seeking to manage their cardiovascular health. Packed with potent ingredients, Colicum Syrup is formulated to support cholesterol regulation, contributing to a comprehensive approach in maintaining a healthy heart. The unique blend within this syrup not only aids in cholesterol reduction but also serves as a valuable complement to the overall cardiac care regimen. Elevate your cardiovascular health with Colicum Syrup, your trusted ally in the journey toward a heart-healthy lifestyle.


  • Arjun Chhal = 450mg
  • Jufa = 100mg
  • Ashwagandha = 100mg
  • Kakkar Shringi = 50mg
  • Badi Elaichi = 50mg
  • Somlata = 150mg
  • Pippal Bark = 200mg
  • Brahmi Booti = 200mg
  • Shankh Pushpi = 200mg
  • Mulethi = 150mg
  • Usad kadoos = 100mg
  • Dasmool Rista = 125mg
  • Vacha = 150mg
  • Behman Lal = 100mg
  • Pippali = 50mg
  • Giloy = 75mg
  • Shilajeet = 75mg