Madhukum Powder

MRP: ₹175/-

Ayurvedic Diabetic Care Powder
CATEGORY: Ayurvedic Powder

Madhukum Powder is your comprehensive solution for diabetic care, offering a natural approach to managing blood glucose levels. This unique formulation not only aids in stabilizing insulin levels but also works to naturally lower cholesterol, promoting heart health. Embrace the benefits of Ayurveda as you incorporate Madhukum Powder into your daily routine, experiencing the gentle yet effective support it provides.

Don’t let diabetes and high cholesterol dictate your well-being. Choose Madhukum Powder as your natural companion in the journey towards a healthier, balanced life. Rediscover the harmony of holistic health with the time-tested ingredients in Madhukum Powder, your Ayurvedic solution for diabetic care and cholesterol management.


  • Gudmar = 1500mg
  • Karela Beej = 1000mg
  • Shilajit = 700mg
  • Behra = 700mg
  • Hararchoti = 650mg
  • Amla = 600mg
  • Chirata = 550mg
  • Ashwagandha =500mg
  • Gokhru = 500mg
  • Trivang Bhasam = 500mg
  • Vijaysar = 500mg
  • Neemgiri = 400mg
  • Kikarfali = 400mg
  • Methi Beej = 400mg
  • Paneer Doda = 300mg
  • Guduchi = 200mg
  • Belpatra = 200mg